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ARM Cortex™A9


Product Details
Platform Solutions
Base Software
§ Includes BSPs to support location, graphics, and multimedia
§  Windows CE 6.0, Android 4.0 and Linux
Location Software
§  SiRFInstantFix extended ephemeris services
§  SiRFDiRect GPS/Dead Reckoning software for continuous and accurate positioning
Application Software
§  CSR Bluetooth stack / profiles, Wi-Fi driver
§  CSR cVc echo-cancellation software
Software Services
§  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interoperability (IOP) and coexistence testing
Other Platform Components
§  CSR3000 GNSS companion RF, CSR8000 Bluetooth and Bluetooth LowEnergy (CSR μEnergy®), CSR6000 Wi-Fi, CSR1300 Single-Mode Bluetooth Low Energy, Vaddis DVD Servo, Camera solution
Technical Specifications
§  ARM CortexA9: 800MHz@2000DMIPS, and up to 1GHz@2500DMIPS
§  32KB I-cache / 32KB D-cache, ARM NeonTM
Integrated GNSS Baseband
§  Support for GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and Compass (after a software upgrade) , with external CSR3000 RF chip
§  SiRFDRive® dead reckoning
§  16-bit DDR3, DDR3L,  LPDDR2 up to 512MB
NAND and Boot Devices
§  Direct boot supported from SDXC, SLC NAND flash, managed NAND
§  SLC/MLC/TLC 512B/2K/4K/8K/16KB page, 64/128/192/256 pages per block
§  8-bit data width with 12/24/40/60-bit ECC engine
§  eMMC 4.4 support
2D/3D Graphics
§  Up to 8M triangles/s and 250Mpixels/s fill-rate
§  OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, OpenVG 1.1 support
§  Resolution up to 1280 x 720
§  Four hardware overlays
§  Hardware Video Post Processor capable of color space conversion and advanced deinterlacing (scaling 1/8-8)
§  Independent brightness/contrast control
§  8-bit VIP supporting up to 5M pixel camera and CCIR656 input
§  Left-right mirror function to support instant backview
Integrated I/O and Analog Functionality
§  Two USB 2.0: one with on-chip PHY, one with external PHY
§  Touch-screen controller and audio codec
§  Automotive and industrial: 13.4 x 12.6 x 1.16mm 0.65mm pitch 362-ball FCBGA
§  Temperature range for industrial parts: -40~+85。C